Sandy Springs Veterinary Clinic

5905 Hwy 76, Pendleton, SC  29670


Sandy Springs Veterinary Clinic is a full service office dedicated to maintaining the health of your animals, large and small. We provide a full range of medical and surgical services to ensure your animals live long, healthy, and happy lives.

I’m Dr. Bob Moorhead owner of the Sandy Springs Veterinary Clinic. I love my animals just as you love yours.

I promise to give your furry family members the same care as I give my own.


Business Hours

Monday – Friday

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday

By Appointment


Brutally Honest Testimonial

This is not going to be your usual sunshine and moonbeams kind of testimonial. Instead, I am going to give you a brutally honest one. Let me first say that Dr. Moorhead did not solicit this testimonial. In fact, he may not even like it, but here it is anyway.

My wife and I have operated an animal rescue for over 20 years. We are entirely self-supporting and have never accepted monetary donations, nor have we ever sought publicity. What we do we do for the animals and nothing more.

About 5 years ago one of our special rescues named Doc, a little Jack Russel Terrier with a pit bull personality was out running our property with our two Labs. His legs were only four inches long, but he felt every bit as big as the two Labs he was following. Out of nowhere a large coyote attacked and dragged Doc into the woods. Doc fought back and his two Lab buddies also came to his defense. They fought off the coyote, but Doc was seriously injured. His rear left paw had been shredded in the attack and Doc was left with exposed bone, tendons, and ligaments. Half of his paw was gone. Several area vets would not consider attempting to treat him. Instead, each recommended that we have him put to sleep. Five other vets wanted to amputate his leg at the hip.

I was running out of vets in my area and finally found Sandy Springs Veterinarian Clinic. I spoke with Dr. Moorhead on the phone and he told me to bring Doc in and said if there was any way possible he would try to save his leg. This was now several days after the attack had occurred. Since the attack my wife and I had kept Doc’s foot washed and coated with powdered cayenne pepper to help heal the damaged tissue and keep down infection. We would then wrap it in bandages to keep dirt out of the wound.

When I arrived at the office I wasn’t so sure I had made the right decision. The office is an old brick house. There was no landscaping, nothing fancy about the place at all. I walked in with Doc in my arms and the waiting room had no flat screen TVs like the other vets I had used before. There was no modern reception desk, and no office full of well dressed nurses. There was only Dr. Moorhead.

Dr. Moorhead was not your typical veterinarian. He was wearing a lab coat over a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and athletic shoes. He didn’t have the soft spoken reassuring voice that many doctors have. Dr. Moorhead was a man of few words, and when he did speak it was a gruff voice and to the point. No chit chat small talk. He was all business. I wasn’t sure what to make of this character at first.

I forced myself to reserve judgement until he had done whatever he was going to do with Doc. So I remained quiet and just observed. The longer I watched him the more relaxed I became. The way he carefully evaluated Doc’s injury. The way he would give Doc a little reassuring pat as he worked on his shredded paw. I could see that this doctor really did care about animals and he truly wanted to save Doc’s paw, and he never even considered putting him to sleep.  Dr. Moorhead made the decision to try to save Doc’s paw and said amputation would be a last resort.

That was five years ago and we still have Doc. He has three and a half paws, still has four inch legs, and still believes he’s a pit bull. Dr. Moorhead saved his leg when all the other vets I contacted recommended amputation or euthanasia.

Dr. Moorhead is now the only vet we use for all of our animals. Since my first meeting with Dr. Moorhead I have to come to know him pretty well. I have learned that he is a genuine person. He loves and cares for animals. He does what he does because he cares so deeply for animals.

If you’re expecting a posh, ultra-chic, fancy schmancy office with big TVs, nurses and assistants running around everywhere, high pressure tactics, and all the usual pushy routines you experience at most verterinarian’s offices you will be disappointed. What you will find at Sandy Springs Vet Clinic is a Doctor who is far more interested in helping your animals than he is with impressing you. Dr. Moorhead is what he is, and that’s what we love about him. He’s a great vet with a big heart. That’s why he is the only vet we now use for all of our animals. I wish we had known about Dr. Moorhead and Sandy Springs Veterinarian Clinic years ago.

I highly recommend Dr. Moorhead to everyone who has animals. I can assure you he will recommend and do what is best for your animals and not what will make him the most money. That’s what he has done for our animals and that is why we trust him completely when one of our animals needs a veterinarian.





Charles T

Public Speaker, Graphic Designer, and Magic Consultant